International advantages

International advantages

1.Career opportunities 500x500.jpgCareer opportunities

Gain an understanding of the different careers available in your new market. Learn more about industry bodies seeking English speaking communications, including global/local agencies, multi-nationals, NGOs, and government agencies.

2.Meaningful mentorship 500x500.jpgMeaningful mentorship

Make connections with other expatriates who have successfully made the Netherlands their home. Establish a mentorship that will assist you in your professional life, whilst also leading to valuable social connections.

3.Social Integration 500x500.jpgSocial Integration

Accelerate your sense of home – connecting and engaging with new like-minded contacts in the industry on a social as well as professional level.

4.Guidance on post-graduate and continuing education opportunities 500x500.jpgGuidance on post-graduate and continuing education opportunities

Understand more about relevant universities degrees, short-courses and on-line opportunities.

5.Acquire Dutch cultural and language resources 500x500.jpgAcquire Dutch cultural and language resources

Gain valuable insights about the integration into the Dutch culture, and Dutch language courses available to you. Be informed about language courses specifically tailored to English speaking expatriates.

6. Become informed media 500x500.jpgBecome informed of the Dutch media landscape

Become more knowledgeable about the media landscape around you. Understand local news issues, the various sources of Dutch media and where to find quality local English news.

7.Gain insights into the recruiting world 500x500.jpgGain insights into the recruiting world

Develop an understanding of which recruitment companies are focused on expatriate placement and familiar with your unique needs.

8.Source English resources, quickly and efficiently 500x500.jpgSource English resources, quickly and efficiently

Become reacquainted with English resources such as the American bookstore.

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Steun Logeion

Logeion is dé beroepsorganisatie voor communicatieprofessionals in Nederland, met ruim 4.000 leden. Logeion is wereldwijd de op één na oudste beroepsorganisatie voor communicatie en kent een rijke traditie van vernieuwing. Mede daardoor behoort Nederland, zowel in de beroepspraktijk als in onderwijs en wetenschap, internationaal tot de voorhoede van het vak. Je kunt onze werkzaamheden steunen met een vrijwillige bijdrage in de vorm van een donatie. Zo help je het communicatievak te blijven ontwikkelen.