Logeion International Chapter


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Welcome to Logeion’s International Chapter. An international community of English-speaking communicators providing industry insights, social connections, and valuable resources for communications expats living in The Netherlands.

We understand the immense value in relocating to another country, and the uncertainties that come with this. The Logeion International Chapter, part of the larger national Logeion organization, was founded by expatriates who have navigated both the rewards and the challenges of calling the Netherlands home. Explore this new international chapter and experience the added value of being part of an industry organization, providing professional engagement for all marcomms, communications, and public affairs professionals.

“Logeion is a well-established platform for communications professionals to share knowledge and networks in the field. It was not exclusive to Dutch membership, however hadn’t addressed specific content and contacts for expatriate professionals. This newly launched international chapter is a positive development and offers a valuable opportunity for the broader communications industry. Not only are we able to provide professional development for internationals, our goal is to also enable and encourage strong social connections and positive integration.”
Andre Manning, Managing Director, Logeion.

Be part of this new communications industry organization tailored specifically for expatriate communications professionals. We look forward to welcoming you to this community.

Our purpose

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Logeion’s International Chapter is a space to make meaningful connections, share experiences, and gain industry knowledge.

As a unique communications industry organization tailored specifically for expatriates in the Netherlands, we provide a destination for incoming internationals seeking a professional network, with English speaking peers.

Evolving from the existing Logeion industry body, this new international chapter helps inform newcomers of the communications landscape in the Netherlands. Gaining valuable insights from industry leaders, meeting likeminded expatriates, and having access to unique social and professional opportunities - these are among the many advantages of joining the Logeion international community.

Our diverse network of expatriates and Dutch professionals alike, are here to help you navigate this new chapter.